Wireless Networks

A growing number of organizations now use handheld devices and laptop computers in office environment, which offers more flexibility. Wireless office environment brings in more convenience for users to move around within a broad coverage area whilst still being connected to the network.

To harness the real benefits of wireless environment, organizations require innovative and intelligent solutions. Magnum’s experience, expertise and innovative products enable smooth implementation of wireless networks with minimum resources and fewer headaches.  We assist in cost-effective installation of wireless infrastructure or expand the capabilities of clients’ existing environment while helping ensure interoperability and maximum security.

Magnum’s Wireless and Mobility solutions include:

  • Wireless LAN
  • WLAN Site Survey
  • Pont to point wireless
  • Outdoor wireless mesh

Our Highlights

  • Qualified and experienced professionals
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Deep domain experience
  • Greater flexibility and convenience
  • Highly scalable and secure solutions
  • Highly reliable and cost effective solutions
  • Industry standard networking solutions

Magnum’s wireless and mobility solutions help organisations to put wireless LAN (WLAN), WiMax or wireless mesh capabilities in place, so that users can access network resources without the limitation of wires.

Our experienced team of networking professionals works with clients to assess their business requirements. From these requirements, we figure out a solution that best suits the clients’ organization. We then work with clients as partners to establish a reliable implementation and deployment plan that addresses the unique business requirements, timing, and budget needs.  Our wireless and mobility solutions are designed to ensure that client organization can support continually changing business models.

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