Datacenter Infrastructure

A stable and secure data center platform is one of the crucial factors of corporate success. An ideal data center brings in maximum availability, security and minimum energy loss in an organization.

Magnum Networks Support Pvt Ltd assists our clients to set up data centres with maximum availability, security and minimum energy loss at an affordable budget. We understand that effective datacenter infrastructure design and implementation can increase the efficiency, utilization and availability of assets and services in an organization. Our expert team of datacenter specialists deliver comprehensive, integrated and intelligent solutions for setting up client’s data center according to their requirements.

Our Data Center Infrastructure services include:

  • Data center antistatic false flooring
  • Water leak detection
  • Smoke and Fire detection systems
  • Physical Access control
  • Environment Monitoring
  • VHFO, VESDA, FM200
  • Static electricity control
  • Insulation grounding and bonding
  • Cable and equipment management
  • Occupancy and light management
  • Cool racks and cabinets

Our  Highlights

  • Expert team of data center specialists
  • Fast delivery of services
  • Thorough planning before implementing the infrastructure
  • Customisable solutions
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Follow industry standard best practices
  • Maximum protection for clients information assets

We listen carefully to our client requirements. Before setting the plan, our team assess the interior and exterior data center environment against the requirements and desired performance criteria.  During implementation, we also take into consideration client’s future needs for scaling up the data center infrastructure. Whether it is an upgradation of existing infrastructure or setting up a new data center, we follow industry standards to achieve all critical functions 24/7 and protection to client’s valuable information and assets.

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